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Royalston Arts foundry was established in 1982. Our family operated foundry offers casting services to the artistic, commercial and industrial community. Originally intended as a supplier of precision lost wax castings our capabilities have expanded to large sand casting as well. We have grown from a small arts and crafts foundry to a multi crucible operation. Our rural New England setting enables us to take natural pride in each casting.

Jeffery M. Bronnes





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We as American citizens should honor the sacrifice of our forefathers and proudly maintain their memorials. Many towns have neglected these priceless pieces of our history, With proper care we can preserve the monuments for future generations to remember and admire.

Modern day pollutants destroy a significant amount of detail that was meticulously sculpted by the artist. The remaining finer details are obscured by corrosion and are harder to enjoy visually. The typical green and black colors, known as the patina, associated with older bronze sculpture is destructive when produced by nature. The surface should be cleaned and sealed, by a professional to protect it from nature's corrosive atmosphere.

The Royalston Arts Foundry is thoroughly engaged in working to preserve outdoor bronze sculpture in towns throughout New England and beyond. If there's a memorial that you feel needs attention the time is now. Contact us and we will provide an analysis.

The Royalston Arts Foundry has been providing quality casting, refinishing, and repair to bronze and other non-ferrous alloys since 1982. Our finishes are designed to withstand many years of weathering when maintained properly.

Skills and Achievements

  • On-site restoration of monuments with capability to spray protective coatings.
  • Provide complete restoration casting services in bronze and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Sculpting and restoration of lost or broken parts.
  • Sign and plaque refinishing, designing and casting.
  • Blending of surface textures and coloring with (hot & cold) patina and (hot & cold) waxes.
  • Analysis of problem surfaces with a conservative approach as well as quality treatments.
  • Quality metal finishing using heat and patina chemicals.
  • Plaster mold making and rubber molds for lost wax models.
  • Documentation of procedures and trouble shooting techniques.
  • Tap and die repair in sections considered to dangerous to weld.
  • Granite cleaning.
  • Armature repair and or replacement.
  • Ability to develop plans and implement or improvise them as the job at hand may require.
  • Sound work safety habits and proper respiratory filtration devises.
  • Material specialist for sculpting and building.
  • Work station designs and work flow management systems.
  • Design and installation of below grade crucible furnace and kilns.
  • Production line of over 100 original unique products, each with a hand patina and then hot waxed.
  • Provided lost wax bronze castings including rubber molds with complete patina finishes of copyrighted sculptures from originals.
  • Cast reproductions of high quality antiques.
  • Cast life-size human forms.

Preservation of historical wood buildings include:

The Paul Revere house.
Elizabeth Hodges home.
Elwood Babbit's old home.

Conservation treatment for the Reitzel Bronze Collection: 1997

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Conservation treatment WW I Doughboy, 1997

"WW I Doughboy"
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Conservation treatment Soldiers Monument

"Soldiers Memorial"
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Conservation treatment Soldiers Sailors Monument

"Soldiers,Sailors, Memorial"
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Conservation Treatment WW I Monument

World War I Memorial
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Casting Services

Royalston Arts Foundry offers high quality precision non-ferrous sand castings for the hydroelectric industry. We can cast in bronze or any other special alloy composition. Sand blasted and painted surfaces are available upon request.

Although bronze can be more expensive, its surface finish has corrosion resistance and anti-fouling abi1ities, allows for a longer life span and provides increased hydraulic efficiency, A comparison of bronze with cast iron and other alloys shows that the deterioration factor of bronze is far superior, it is more resistant to cavitation damage and aquatic fauna will not grow on bronze because of the high copper content.

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Fine Crafts

"Nessie" in two pieces

In 1988 the Royalston Arts foundry started their own crafts line. After countless years of Christmas shopping we realized the entire market was saturated with foreign imports. The look of all the bronzes are the same, every-one carries highly polished brass and bronze casting. Our surfaces are each unique and have a personality of their own.

The basic process

We begin by designing each item in clay. The clay is then baked and will be used for reproducing the design in bronze using a sand mould. To make a sand mould, a reusable water based sand is tamped around this clay pattern into two halves of a metal flask. The two halves are separated, the pattern is removed leaving a cavity in the sand. The two halves are put back together and the molten bronze is poured. Once the bronze has cooled the sand is shaken out. thus exposing the casting. The casting will require grinding and is then sandblasted in preparation for its finish known as a patina.

A true patina is a subtle and desirable quality brought about in the course of time by OXIDATION. The color depends upon environmental conditions..For example sulfur in the city atmosphere will turn bronze black. If sited by the sea, bronze will turn green due to the salt air. To hasten the oxidation process of our finished bronze casting we brush on different solutions and apply heat using a blow torch to achieve the desirable finish. Many factors govern the results; temperature, strength of our solution and composition of the bronze, just to name a few. For this reason no two patinas are identical.



These banks and clocks are a few samples of our craft line

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